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About Koohiji Group  

About Us

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The Koohiji Group is a Dubai-based company with business activities in trading, manufacturing, technology and IT services.

About Us

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The Group represents leading global brands and boasts a business network which spans the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, and the Asian Sub Continent.

The Group is based in Dubai and is under the leadership of Mr. S.S. Rajkumar. Under the Group umbrella, there are four Strategic Business Units which are headed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals who report to the Group CEO.

The Company’s agenda is to leverage its strength and agility in adapting emerging technologies and exploring new business opportunities to drive growth for both the Company and its Principals. The Group’s annualized turnover for the year 2010-2011 was over USD 100 million. With further diversification plans in place, the Group is poised to sustain increased growth over the coming years.
Our Vision
To be:
  • The most admired business house in the region;
  • Benchmarked by other Corporations;
  • Regarded by our clients and customers as the preferred supplier/ solutions provider;
  • Looked upon by top talent as the best all round employer in our sectors
Our Mission
  • Offer products and services which are reliable and innovative and provide exceptional quality and value to our customers;
  • Empower our employees to achieve their full potential;
  • Develop lasting partnerships with our principals, trade partners and suppliers;
  • Generate long-term prosperity for all our stakeholders
Guiding Principles
  • Continuous innovation in technology is the cornerstone of sustainable business
  • Internationally and culturally sensitive
  • Foster a climate of trust and integrity
  • Lead people by example
  • Promote and encourage continuous professional development
Central Services Team
The Central Services team includes specialists from Finance, Logistics, Human Resources, General Administration, Systems Administration, Planning & Budgeting and Internal Audit. With a total workforce of nearly 250 in the Group, the company believes in empowering each employee for the benefit of the individual and the enterprise.

The company believes in imparting continuous training in order to enhance every individual’s potential. The Group enjoys support of various Government departments and strongly believes in sharing responsibilities as a respectable corporate citizen. The Group has participated in several such efforts over the years.
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